Dr. Vladimir Pastouk


Dr. Vladimir Pastouk has equipped his dental clinic with cutting-edge CT scan and laser technology in order to offer his patients the least invasive procedures and treatment options. He is board certified in both Naturopathy and Biological Dentistry, and has taken significant steps towards providing biological dental surgeries which involve using a person's own immunological tissues to treat certain dentistry issues.

One of these treatments is the reduction of lingual frenulum, or the tight skin which connects the tongue to the lower mouth area. Newborns born with an excessively tight frenulum often experience difficulties while breastfeeding, as well as blocked airways while breathing, and problems developing their speech.

At Dr. Pastouk's clinic, Invisalign treatments are available for those looking to improve their teeth alignment for health or aesthetic reasons. This service is meant to be supplementary to surgery for treating gag & dental reflexes, temporomandibular clicking & locking, atypical face pain, and other oral complications. Ceramic implants can also be used to fill gaps caused by tooth removal - these implants are considered one of the most biocompatible substances with our physiological system.

But this isn't all! The Glossodontics treatment - pioneered by Dr. Pastouk himself - aims not only at solving physical problems related to dentistry but also emotional and mental health issues too. The main goal of this method is to bring back energy and wellness by improving the function of numerous anatomical parts such as our tongue, prelingual tissues, skull bones, teeth muscles and jaw bones. Finally, this technique also serves as an alternative treatment option for snoring and sleep apnea conditions; it involves an appliance custom made specifically for each patient with the purpose of opening their airway up thus allowing them to breathe better and acquire a much better night sleep quality overall.